Laura Gallaher

Executive Director

Laura has dedicated her life to Common Good. She believes in creating a culture of belonging for everyone who steps through the doors. Fostering authentic connections is at the center of her heart as she walks alongside the students and families in her community. Laura encourages, dances, prays, hopes, and explores with everyone at Common Good.  


Noranne Hendricks

Associate Executive Director of Programs

Noranne is committed to creating programs at Common Good that allow students to discover their true potential. She believes that everyone can grow, learn, and make mistakes in a safe space. Noranne is grateful that God led her to Common Good — a place she feels loved, cared for, and seen.


Sara Isaacs

Associate Executive Director of Development

Sara is committed to creating safe spaces of belonging for the community. With a focus on organization, communication, and supporting people where they are, she cultivates authentic connections with students, families, and community partners.


Brenda Vanegas

Family Support Manager

Brenda understands the power of education and works hard to empower students at Common good to discover the best version of themselves. Her commitment to teamwork helps foster strong connections with students, families, and coworkers. Whether it’s a big or small win, Brenda knows how to celebrate everyone at the Common Good.


Nicolas Scott

Business and Development Manager

Nicolas began his Common Good journey as a mentor. Passionate about making a positive impact, he serves in a role that helps grow the mission while also keeping things behind the scenes running smoothly. He values listening to all voices, making sure everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Hannah Strippelhoff

Elementary Program Coordinator

Hannah understands that Common Good is a place where everyone encounters love. And she is committed to doing life with people different than herself. From playing four square to having challenging conversations, Hannah consistently chooses courage and peace.


Holly Hamilton

Americorps Member

Holly first fell in love with Common Good as a mentor. She values the power of connection and the importance of play, and her contagious laughter and positive energy help her build strong relationships. Holly loves being part of the Common Good community and building a safe environment where everyone is welcome. 


Laian Alkeisi

Americorps Member

Laian continuously strives to do better in everything she does. With a passion for mental health, she focuses on creating a safe environment for students and families to grow and succeed. Laian brings a positivity and authenticity to Common Good that impacts everyone who walks through the doors. 


Dan Fowler

Matchstick Goods - Social Enterprise Director

Dan understands the power of community. His previous work leading a social enterprise in New Orleans taught him that communities are powerful tools for creating lasting change. He believes Matchstick Goods is more than a ceramics studio. It’s where students and families can access fair-wage jobs that empower them to be the best version of themselves.


Blayne Strippelhoff

Matchstick Goods - Studio Manager

Blayne is all about seeing and loving people for who they are. Bringing a contemplative and creative spirit to our social enterprise, he mentors our community thoughtfully while helping young people make really cool products. 


Michele Mina-Hernandez

Matchstick Goods - Studio Lead

Michelle grew up at Common Good. She is grateful for a comfortable and safe space to be herself and help others do the same. She believes every day is an opportunity to move toward your goals and loves working with her hands in a community that helps get you there. 

Our Board of Directors

RICHARD GRIER  | President | Director of Business Development, Rising Sun Developing
BEN MILLER  |  Treasurer | Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis, Congo Brands
MARISHIA HAMILTON |  Parent Leader & Volunteer Service Coordinator, Community Action Council
DOR'CAS KAINDU |  Common Good Graduate
KRIS WINDERS |  President, BBN Physical Therapy

SARAH MCGINNIS  |  Community Member
SARA SCHUER  |  Middle School Learning Specialist
EMILY CHAMBERS |  AVP, Treasury Management Officer, Republic Bank
SAVANNAH JONES |  Physician Assistant, Previous Common Good Mentor
DIEUMERCI ISIDOR |  Production Engineering at Toyota North America, Common Good Graduate
MARSHALL WILMHOFF | Hope Presbyterian Church