We believe in the power of connection. Our programs provide a safe space for students and families to be themselves, grow, and know love. Each program supports students and families within our North Lexington community. 


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After-school Program

Our After-School Program is our longest-running program at Common Good. We provide a safe haven for students to study, bond, play, and share a meal during after-school hours. We support students and their families in North Lexington, including North Limestone, Castlewood, and East End neighborhoods. Our committed mentors volunteer their time each week to support and connect with students. Whether a student needs homework help, a supervised environment to play or hang out, or a warm meal, they have an opportunity to form strong, positive bonds, and develop lifelong leadership skills here.

The After-School Program supports 76 students in grades K - 12 and is available Monday through Thursday from 2:30 - 6:00 pm. The program requires the help of 60 volunteer mentors.

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Summer Program

Our Summer Program provides a safe, supervised place for students to come during the summer months when school is not in session. We understand that childcare is expensive and often not an option for families in our community. And we believe that all students deserve a fun summer of recreation and relationship-building. This program supports our students and families through recreation, education, spiritual formation, leadership skills, and care throughout the summer. 

The Summer Program supports students in grades K - 12 and is open Monday through Thursday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm when schools are closed for summer break. We rely on 40 volunteer mentors to lead programming and build relationships.

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Mission Transition

Mission Transition mentors students preparing for college, vocational school, a career, or any other path they choose after high school. 

College is life-changing and can be overwhelming. We support students before, during, and after their higher education through college visits, test preparation, application assistance, and furnishing their first living space. The mentorship continues as students look for internships, work through academic assignments, and apply for jobs or graduate school.

For many, life after high school graduation means discovering a career or a different path. Mission Transition supports individuals as they pursue their dreams in other areas. We assist with job applications, moving, locating and outfitting new living spaces, and navigating personal finances. 

While the program is part of our After-School Program, it reaches beyond the grade school years and walks alongside individuals as they embark on a new journey. Through generous funding, we provide scholarships and other aid.

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Parent Leadership Team

Our Parent Leadership Team is one of our most valuable programs. We believe our parents and guardians at Common Good are real assets — full of experiences, talent, ideas, and passion. The program is a space for parents to learn, connect, and lead. 

The Parent Leadership Team includes our parents and guardians with students enrolled in Common Good. The team meets bi-monthly.

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