Youth Mentors at Common Good

April 13, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic, one of the many road-bumps that we faced was a lack of volunteer mentors in the Elementary After-School Program. One solution we found was to have youth students spend one afternoon a week in an Elementary classroom as a mentor. We weren't sure what to expect or if the youth would even be interested in doing this, but we were blown away by the friendships formed, confidence earned, and assistance provided. At Common Good, part of our mission is leadership development, and little did we know, providing space for our high schoolers to serve in this capacity created an outstanding space for them to practice being leaders. Flash forward, and today we have 5 invested youth students mentoring in the After-School Program regularly. When asked why she mentors, Daniela, a Junior at Bryan Station High School, says “I enjoy spending time with the kids, they make me laugh. The age group I’m with [4th and 5th] are good to be around because they are old enough to joke with”.