Common Good

Working together for the common good in North Lexington.

Common Good Community Development Corporation is a faith-based, non-profit that focuses on programming for children, youth and families living in under-resourced neighborhoods North Lexington.

parent leadership team

Our Parent Leadership Team is one of the most important things we do. Common Good parents are assets; they are full of experiences, talents, ideas, and passion. This parent team creates space for learning, connecting and leading. It is comprised of parents and guardians who have students enrolled in Common Good programs. The team meets bimonthly.


  1. To provide opportunities for parents to lead and guide Common Good.

  2. To serve as a connection point for parents to build relationships with one another.

  3. To inform, equip and train parents about topics that are important to them.

Our parents are working for the common good of North Lexington. It's a beautiful experience to live into our vision together!

Relocation entails desiring for our neighbors and our neighbors’ families what we desire for ourselves and our own families.
— Wayne Gordon

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