Common Good

Working together for the common good in North Lexington.

Common Good Community Development Corporation is a faith-based, non-profit that focuses on programming for children, youth and families living in under-resourced neighborhoods North Lexington.

mission: transition

Mission: Transition is an intensive, individualized program for Common Good seniors to help navigate the process of preparing for and attending college. Students meet with CG staff several times a week to work on college applications, scholarships and to receive mentoring. The program includes a six-week ACT prep course. Participants are eligible to receive the Emerging Leader Scholarship ($1,000). We will be walking alongside students and their families throughout the college process to offer assistance and encouragement. Our pilot year for this program was the 2014-2015 school year. Of our four seniors, all graduated high school, were accepted into college and enrolled this past fall. Among the four students, nine scholarships were received and three students received full rides!

Rosy and Jimmy - 2016 recipients of the Partners for Youth Foundation/Toyota Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce that two of our 2015-2016 seniors, Rosy and Jimmy, have been selected as Partners for Youth Foundation/Toyota Scholarship recipients this year! There were 10 recipients in all of Lexington, two of which are Common Good students! They will receive $1,000 for post-secondary education. In September they completed a challenging scholarship application. This process included a written application, securing recommendation letters, a nomination, and an interview. Simply completing the process was something we were very proud of. This scholarship is further affirmation of what we already know: our students are students of promise. We are praising God for his provision and favor today. Join us in celebrating the accomplishment of these two!

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.
— Martin Lurther King, Jr.

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